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Dear Business Owner/HR Responsible,

We know these are challenging times, and no one ever imagined 2020 & 2021 would present us with such challenges.

Every business is hurt in one way or another and has there own share of fresh obstacles to deal with.

So if you are stressed or feeling helpless, we are here to tell you there’s hope and this will not last forever.

You need to muster all you have and take proactive steps to save your business until the pandemic is over by adapting to the new normal.

You must be in the thick of so many unforeseen HR challenges cropping up right in front of your eyes.

As much as the pandemic made things difficult to manage, it will also allow you to shape your HR policies to fit your company better and become resilient for future challenges.

That is why we have decided to offer consultancy sessions worth hundreds of thousands of rupees for FREE to help you tackle the most urgent HR issues while preparing your company to step on the paddle as soon as the pandemic is over and grow 2x, 3x or even 4x.

We have already conducted several HR clinics to answer some of the key challenges faced in HR.

We want to offer you this opportunity to have a one-on-one call to give you more tailored and relevant inputs for your company.

Usually, we charge thousands of rupees for a consultancy, and we have decided to do this 100% FREE of charge and NO STRINGS attached

We know what you need right now is guidance and direction from veterans in the industry to keep the company afloat till the storm passes, and we are here to give you that much-needed support.


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